Demons In Her Dancing Shoes Testo

Testo Demons In Her Dancing Shoes

Don't go walking down Chapel Street
Down Chapel Street they'll jump you
Cut your throat as soon as give you the eye
Those wholesome girls down Chapel street
Need some place to move their feet
Before they soothe you with a lullaby
At Bridie's Place the music's loud
And there's my angel in the crowd

She's the kind of squeeze
That you can't refuse
Bedroom eyes and Demons In Her Dancing Shoes
She's the kind of tease
That means good news
Bedroom eyes and Demons In Her Dancing Shoes

On Chapel Street the totters' carts
Cry, Old rags and lumber
People gassing, like the Tower of Babel
On Chapel Street there's coffee bars
Where the villains meet the stars
And money's changing hands under the table
We can dance till they beg for more
Till they clear the floor, lock the door

My girl, she's a piece of work
She's really got my number
Loves those cast-offs and those hand-me-downs
Dresses like a bride-to-be
From some other century
Stylish rags and ripped-up wedding gowns
You don't have to face the mess
When every day is fancy dress
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