I Found A Stray Testo

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Testo I Found A Stray

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I Found A Stray at my back door
She was a hungry shivering soul
Her dress was rags, her shoes were holes
I Found A Stray at my back door

I washed the dirt from off her face
I tucked her clean into my bed
But I could never wash away
The voices calling in her head

Sometimes a smile played on her lips
That gave me joy where there was none
Until the shadow crossed her face
Like the moon across the sun

Whatever life she had to live
It was a life of moving on
I woke up one day to find
My little stray had come and gone

And she'll be out there on the road
If she's not picked up by the law
Or she'll be lying, nearly dying
At another stranger's door
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