Modern World Testo

Testo Modern World

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Springfield, Marlette, Pierce)

The alarm goes off, another monday morning
Just one more time you wake up in this mess
And baby it scares you but you catch yourself
You do whatever you do to face the test

I know you feel alone in this great big world machine
It's crazy, but maybe there's a soul somewhere out there
who's just like you now what are you waiting for
Baby don't mourn what might have been,
here's the only world we're living in

This is the modern world , This is the modern world

This is the modern world, and this is all it's going to be,
Living in the modern world...

Yeah, The telephone rings, another faceless caller
You're not a soul you're just a number
You're looking at families living on the street
Where mama can't buy her baby enough to eat

We all feel alone, in this great big world machine
But baby, just maybe listen to your heart
I don't know just what you're waiting for
Cause baby here's just where you begin,
in the only world we're living in
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