New Lover Testo

Testo New Lover

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(Springfield, Marlette, Pierce)

Baby you need sexual healing, you're damn right
Got bedroom lovers up to the ceiling, day and night
It's not that it's wrong but it sure ain't right
All your lovers walk on water for one night
In the morning you run for the border in plain sight,
Is that all you want, one more man, one more night?

Yeah, this is your New Lover,
Same as the old lover
Everybody knows it does nothing for your soul
You're just another passion junkie,
This is your new lover

What you need and what you want are two things
I dont want to be the confidante of your sins
I don't want the stories, you know it stings
Hear you come walking with another handsome man
I'm tired of your show baby, don't you understand

I'll be your new lover
I'll be your new lover
I'll be your new lover
Not like the old lover

I know I can give you something for your soul
Don't have to be a passion junkie
I'll be your new lover
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