Her Spell Testo

Testo Her Spell


I have never seen you here before
I wonder who was coming through that door
Why did the air turn cold
Suddenly I feel old
Why did the light fade away

I have seen those eyes somewhere I'm sure
Look away, this is more than I can do
Her eyes start to glow
I can see that she knows
And there is no way out

I'm under her spell
I won't ever be free, she is watching me
I won't leave this spell
I won't ever be free, she is still watching me

She whispers spells when I'm asleep
I can feel her evil piercing deep
She knows what she's doing
Cast my life into ruins
And it's too late now

The evil smile won't leave her face
She leads me into wicked ways
It's too late to break loose
Too late to choose
Oh, and I must follow her now



When she starts to float
I can see that she rose
And there is no way out

[Chorus x2]
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