Wake Up Call Testo

Testo Wake Up Call

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[Jorn And Russell]

The dark world won't be visible for you no more
The demons won't show their faces
The time has come when you can shut reality out
The demons will show their creations

It's not someone else's fight
Only you can make it right
Don't look away, your life is right here

You have been walking through life
With your eyes closed
You need to stop to fall
This is your wake up call
Escaping from yourself
Will not work no more
You need to see it all
This is your wake up call
Wake up!
Wake up!

There are no more places where you can hide
The evil spirits will find you, oh


Your life is right here


Oh you need to wake up!
Wake up! [x5]
This is your wake up call