Back To The Shadows Testo

Testo Back To The Shadows

How do you know?
We've all bin looking for you
You didn't give a clue

Now I'm confused
So what has happened to you?
There is so much you could do

Forget about me
You can't see me
Forget about it
You know that I'm not real
Forget about it
So what's the deal?
You know you don't need me

What can we do?
We've all bin counting on you
I don't believe that it's true

Forget about it
You don't know where I've bin
Forget about it
I'm just a go-between
Forget about it
Why can't you see?
You know you don't need me

Back to the shadows
It's time to fade away
If you know what I know
It's not too late
and where did the time go?
It's time to fade away
So it's back to the shadows

Please go away
'cos you've got nothing to say
I see you turning away

It's all okay
It might be better this way
You know why I'm not afraid

[repeat 1st bridge]
[repeat chorus]
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