Ice In The Rain Testo

Testo Ice In The Rain

It's not easy
It's hard to please me
If you're angry - turn it up
Getting older
Here's my shoulder
Now go on and - turn it up

Everything that you're feeling
Yes, time has been healing and
if you only do one thing it's
learn how to wait

You can hide it
You can fight it
While you're waiting - turn it up
Time will heal it
Can you feel it
I know you know it - turn it up

[repeat bridge]

Now all of those feelings
are melting away
Now it's okay
It's like ice in the rain

Are you ready?
Keep it steady
You control me - turn it up
You'll get through it
There's nothing to it
So just do it - turn it up

[repeat bridge]
[repeat chorus]

And if you're feeling
You're going insane
You'll find out the pain
is just ice in the rain

There is no pain there's only
ice in the rain
Don't turn away it's only
ice in the rain

[repeat chorus]

All that you do now
and all that you say
is melting away
It's like ice in the rain
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