Breakdown Testo

Testo Breakdown

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Everything's still the same, mind in the pouring rain
starting to be a pain, could I :.
spinning right out of sight, out of the dreadful light
feeling like :. and shout, you can't fix it

Falling to pieces hey, my name will save the day
:. what they say, hang ups let down
wish I could clean it out, wish I was out of sight
dead end is coming up, one more :.

Breakdown, I could need another getaway
Breakdown, are we always gonna stay the same
Breakdown, I could use another brand new day

Caught by a million rules, you haven't got a clue
what I am going through, smashing adults
I have you figured out, know what you're all about
I got the picture right, I can't stand it

[Chorus x2]

that's where I'll keep away

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