Yes, He Is Testo

Testo Yes, He Is

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
If I just want to be in his head
I give something to him I think
we've been shaking hands to long
And if I just want to rest in his mind
for a minute
Why am I producing heat when I will
never feel I do (I do)
And I feel like looking at you
with wide open eyes
And I say I like him
Never live without him .........

He is, yes he is in mind
shake my head
up and down and he won't stop it
He is, yes he is all the time
Is there anytime left for thinking of me

And he doesn't want to know
He doesn't care a damn about
What is on my mind this time
He's what I want
with a headache
He's what I want
When the mind breaks
Gonna I borrow him today, tonight
Can I have a piece of his kiss
I say hold it, he's way to attractive
.... like another
He pulled me home with my inmost thoughts
He followed me home this time

[Chorus x2]
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