Nothing Yet Testo

Testo Nothing Yet

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
a .. beats hard in yourself
I am in myself
I want you to know what it feels like
I say you get how it feels hard
but you won't believe a lie
won't you believe me

No no no
was it you who tried to pull my line
and how you tried to stand up straight
but you will fall to the ground
sure you will

well it's been a mistake
and yes I do
.. dry too
it's just kinda mean
you should try it
where are the ways cut out for your shoulder
where is the air colder than coldest
you won't a believe lie
won't you believe it
won't you believe me
why won't you believe me


and you don't want to come closer
I don't want you to find out
I'm nothing yet

[Chorus x2]
sure you will
I'm nothing yet
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