Our Very Own Testo

Testo Our Very Own

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
This is our own
our very own
My naughty party and
all of our voters turn the backsiders
did we let you down
the deepest sigh
and did we really make that many remarks
we hope you will forget

C'mon let's pretend

as you walk the street
we are high above
and it could be a lot worse so shut your mouth
about crush the moral beliefs
this our home
our only home
where the great mistakes can let a room
we'll make sure to pay the rent

C'mon lets pretend
C'mon and let's pretend that he and I
could work out fine
you all say it, it's simple

what a way to go
I'm not on my own
and you may call it a waste of time
a little pleasure trip
with a dirty hand
all we can do
and I tell you 'bout my masterplan
and this is how it goes

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