Fight Or Flight Testo

Testo Fight Or Flight

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The greatest waste of potential
A generation had to offer
revolution in our clutch
without the will to bother

Ambitionless we wallowed in the crowd
our souls were hollowed out
every pill was swallowed down
and we followed our leaders into the ground

and after all the dust had cleared
and we dried away the tears
our fears were left to subtly enslave us
as were headed through the lines
that marked the boundaries of our lives
wee left to die with no one to save us

We became the victims of indifferent behavior
manipulated to crucify our conscience like a savior

we could not conceive that our betrayal
was the instigation of our failure
so we strive to no avail
we sunk this ship before we set sail
reticence prevailed

as my faith lie dying, I'm still trying to expose
our successors to this paradise in which we are enclosed
we came so close to giving up
and never wondered why
bought into every subterfuge by which we are denied

They've Taken everything
(Backing vox)
we have been defined
we have been defiled
we have been refined

I will not lay down
I wont' forget the dream
I will not abide this suffering

They've taken everything
except our decision
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