Wholesale Nazis Testo

Testo Wholesale Nazis

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
The seed of destruction is fueled by progress
And we turn to find where it's emanating from.
Only to find the victims of humanity.
Those that are crushed under the weight of empathy.
That's how we find it ends here.
And the right order of things we hold dear.
What makes you laugh also makes you suffer.
And everyone else accepts the invisible peasants.
And the horrible acceptance of an underside.
One that's filled by our seeds of destruction.
We're told to love the God that hates us.
The one that flourishes on formalities.
We become the force of nothingness.
And we leave no room to wander.
What inclines us to this place.
What leaves us wondering are these energies
that leave us wandering through destruction.
And we exist within transparencies and signs.
In a world where wholesale nazis
Ride them 'till it dies and the same
faculties never break precedent during war.
Sympathy loves the God of nothingness .
Their loving formalities bloom through a force of destruction
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