Forty Hours Away Testo

Testo Forty Hours Away

I know you're here
How could you disappear?
You wrote to me
From a place called Dupuy
It is all a conspiracy
Let me tell you these things worry me

And she lives forty hours away

I have your video
We met at Sloan
I watch it every day
But I'll give it back to you when you get home, I say

You got cherry hair dye and a snowboard bag
When will you come home? This is a drag

And she lives forty hours away

"I'm an exchange student" Yeah, that's what they all say
You told me you'd come back in May
If I can find the right size box I will send you a piece of clay
Hey hey hey!

You called last week
I acted like a freak, but
Sorry, it was late
And I'll write, you just wait

I gotta go now, have a happy day
Aurevoir pour maintenant, I say

And she lives forty hours away
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