She's Not The One To Fall For Testo

Testo She's Not The One To Fall For

cookies and cream was just a dream
I thought she was all mine
but now that i look back on what happened
it was just a waste of time

she was a girl with dark blonde hair
i cared for her but she, she didn't care for me!

you don't have homework and i don't either
i'll come to visit you
we'll eat some jello on your front porch
fuckin' hug me when we're through
you can say stuff about me behind my back
and i won't give a damn
and if you were dumb i would be dumber
you know that's what i am

she doesn't care, she cut her hair
she changed so much i don't think i know her anymore!

she's not one to fall for

you went to the Caboto dance instead of going to our show
but we don't care we don't care anymore
we just let you go
i have heard of a remedy that can cure your heartless mind
so i hope when you hear this song you think of what you left behind

but like she's ever gonna hear this song
like she's ever gonna buy our record at all!

she's not one to fall for...
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