(L)osing (S)ensation Of (D)imensions Testo

Testo (L)osing (S)ensation Of (D)imensions

Extension of the being.
This altered universe resides inside my mind, explaining the existence of space
and time.
An explosive rush engulfs me like fire, melting the darkness that looms inside
my conscience.
This body is a shell protecting the energy within my spirit. Reality what it
can become! Transformation.
Swimming through the past, my thoughts extract film-like visions of my
childhood; a flipbook of destructive memories.
Black skies devour the light and inside I become night, paranoia sets in, fists
clenched, ready to fight.
Content with the monster I ve become; rapidly releasing all sick thoughts
within my being.
The sensation subsides leaving behind a moral decision to better my life and
expel the poisons inside.
Losing sensation of dimensions.
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