Drawing Blood Testo

Testo Drawing Blood

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The painful truth, the hollow lies
The dumb and meaningless goodbyes
When I look into your eyes
I don't see the 'you' I saw before.

Fairytales that I despise
I know I don't complete your life
So why'd you say it a million times?
From now on I'm not listening anymore.

Tears fall on the letter and make my name become unclear,
You try to make it better but it all ends up a smear
You try to draw the shutters but I can see right through
Just because you're going down doesn't mean I'm coming too
Doesn't mean I'm coming too

We were made to fall apart
But I never thought it would end like this
If you're gonna pierce my heart
Take this blade and make sure you don't miss
And if you're gonna leave a scar,
Leave it in plain view, so everyone can see,
What type of person you are
So they don't make the same mistake as me.

Our names sounded so good together on everybody's lips.
Now you're making you mind up whether or not to seal this letter with a kiss,
You don't mean it, it's something that you do,
You should save your 'love' for someone dumb enough to think it's really you
To think it's really you.
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