The Devasting Allure Of Cool Testo

Testo The Devasting Allure Of Cool

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Just to show you how much I love your face.
Put your best dress on and understand you don't have to change.

So turn the record over, we've been here so many times before
Blood stains on your t-shirt and you're face-down on your kitchen floor
I told you that you'd had enough, but still you kept on coming back for more
If you're looking for sympathy...
Don't look at me.

How far would you go...
To be like them?
How far would you go...
To just fit in?
How far would you go...
To live in the shadow of everyone else and just be the same?

They've got the bait but don't you bite the hook.
No strength in numbers, no second chance; don't be afraid it's not too late.

Well everybody's all the same so why would you even try to fake a smile and take your place in line?
Give me some empathy, some sympathy, you try some tragedy and honesty but you, you mightn't like the taste.

How far...
How far...
Would you...
Would you...
Just to be the same.
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