I'll Die For You Testo

Testo I'll Die For You

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I just got one thing to say
it should have been me
instead of you
I'll die for you

I'll die for you
all I do, I do it just for you (x3)
I'll give my life for you

tell me what does it take
to make the worst shit happen
imagine you be the one they bagging
imagine you and your loved one too
you'd go crazy
and just maybe lifestyles
would change daily
it don't phase me though
'cause most can't even see me
or have the courage
to even bee me, freely
I give my life completely
no second guessin'
if it was me instead of you
they'd learn their lesson
blessed all the souls that roam
in the night
who am I, hoo, I control the light
right on time I'm gonna find you
and when I do you through
so get ready 'cause, baby, I want you

Chorus: repeated

take a look at my life
and tell me what it's lackin'
imagine this shit really didn't happen
imagine you didn't get shot
I didn't get hit
and just maybe I might get through this
now I'm gonna take in something
so I can get into it
yeah, watch me now as I go and do it
through it
I give my life completely, no second guessin'
if it wasn't you then i'd let it rest in peace
not the least you choose your play
the day you took him away
bye, bye I say
so let me get it started
oh yeah, it's true
everything I do, I do it just for you

ain't no doubt, I know I'll find you
whatever it takes, I'm gonna be with you
ain't no doubt, I know I'll find you
whatever it takes, I'm gonna be with you
(I'll die for you)

Chorus: repeated (x2)

they just don't know
when they took you from me
they took my life

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