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Testo Heart

I see your face in my thoughts, my dreams,
And I can't get you out of my head,
I know who you are, what you're up to,
You don't love me, but I can't help loving you,
Too long we've been this way, just getting through each single day,
But now it's changed, I need you to say, that you'll promise to stay,
Only then can I give you my heart

This is my heart, this is my heart
Beating for you

And yet I find, when we're face to face, I just forget all of my dreams,
You know something I don't know it seems, you're hardly here and I don't know what it means,
Watching you walk from me, I'm less than what you cannot see,
I'm scarcely my own effigy, what do you want me to be,
Before you give me the key to your heart?

This is my heart, this is my heart
Beating for you
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