Jonny Testo

Testo Jonny

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Jonny, rang to tell you we killed all your sheep, just goes to show you that there're promises we keep. And Johnny, we left you by the docks: it's been a week; we've been saying you're running out of luck

And I'd watch your eyes for signs of pride. And I'd watch your eyes as you watched mine. We're going blind.

So weary, we lost where we began teaching you where you can go and where shouldn't run. Show up, our final meeting place, for the accused and the guilty, their secret embrace.

Johnny, pay up it's finally come. A threat, a plea, a broken gun, a slip, a fall, and finally somewhere where you belong to someone from a group of thieves. Become the nature of the crime. For one bad move disguises truth from him, his lies; him.

And I'd watch your eyes, for signs of life. And I'd watch your eyes, as you watched mine, I'm going slowly blind
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