Call The Cops Testo

Testo Call The Cops

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Take it all away from me before fall in love
I think it's time we figured out this mess
Been kicked around enough to know what leaving is
Waiting on your promises, won't hold my breath
Take your time with the break that you're taking, now
But I don't wanna know just where you've been
I'm getting sick of all this slow rotation
But you're content to just let the wheels spin

Yeah I'll admit that I'm new and naïve
If you'll admit that I'm exactly what you need

Look around and check the locks before you call the cops
False alarms are ringing in your head
I couldn't tell you where the point of entry might have been
But I can tell that you wish you were dead
But check the goods, count your shoes, you'll see that nothing's gone
Except that my side of the bed is made
So sick and tired of being sick and tired
So I decided to just up and make my getaway

Yeah I'll admit that I'm new and naïve
If you'll admit that I'm exactly what you need
You know I'll take a joke as well as all the other guys
But I'm more concerned with making this right

So think twice baby, this maybe the very last time
That you and me stand here as we tonight
And these clasping hands, they seem to mean something
But the notes we play begin to mean nothing
So maybe it's best if we just fade away
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