Call From KC Poet Camile (Skit) Testo

Testo Call From KC Poet Camile (Skit)

Gold deep nigga
You got big feet and big hands
Working like you said you can
I'm laying here thinking why did I even give you a chance
Nigga making love you for what?
Cause in the back of my head, am screaming bust your nuts so I can get up
Ooh aah [?]
You feel so good if what am screaming
But your dick is like where booty is what am leaning
Talking about putting [?] work [?]
Now with that little beaty ass thing
Nigga you sweating like a motherfucker
I don't feel shit
Why did I even let you hit
Pass me my vibrator so I can finish this
Is it good to you mami? and am saying yes
But [?] my pussy stretched
She was horny ready to go come ready to flow
But your dick ain't even big enough to blow you know
Walking around killer city thinking you the man
Nigga I could've done a better job with my hand
So the next time you on your way to my place
You [?] a condom
Your condom bigger than your dick daddy
Ama ride your face
I love you big [?]
You inspire me
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