Love Me Tomorrow Testo

Testo Love Me Tomorrow

[feat. Big Scoob]

She love me she love me not
But I'll never be all touchy lovy dovy for what he got
Suddenly kiss he huggin what is for me the buddy slot
But they callin me to put right in the open n it could be an ugly stop
Shes looking to be caressed on the reg fetched on the reg
Sex on the reg gonly techs on the bread with nothin with bussin precautions
N checks on the head n she huffin n puffin cause wasn't no tech on the bed
N she don't like that tech n9ne persona groupies mo groupies for chew
They be juicy like jeanne bellucci like the one that do movies
I carramba you google me I'm beyond the boobies and champagna
Bombaclot don't shrug me cause I'm the rapper but again you find
Other slacker whos been on ya love peace and ya honor just trust
Things can come n she stoned now I'm home but she gon love me manana
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