My Former Glory Testo

Testo My Former Glory

Looking back at my former glory,
My vision once clear now clouded by fear,
The strength I used to know, not longer here
Reality's breath, blurring the sphere!

My former former glory!

When my commands were...the law!
When my whispers were...enough!
As the light fades from my eyes...tonight!
I wish myself back to my very...right!

My former former glory!

Incapacity to confront the shadows,
...reaching out for me, through me!
Ferocity, in the faces staring at me,
Silent eyes, accusing me, torturing me!

[1st solo: C. Illanes, 2nd solo: E. Belmar]

Spoken part:
"Reputation easily obtained,
Incarceration now awaits?
Acts of ferocity...animosity,
Stripped down to the bone,
Mighty power forever gone,
At the dawn of decay,
My music will no longer play,
At the dawn of decay,
My life will fade away"
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