Shadows Testo

Testo Shadows

They are the ones who unleash the wrath,
Preparing, paving the path
Suck a waste and power abuse,
Backing up with no excuse.
It's a hatred not really chained up,
merciless, all cranked up.
Thy verdict is their final call,
Injustice out of control!

Suffer, bleed, die...
...until return!

Fraternity state ignored,
Coward, immoral, no cause.
Keep the brotherhood safe,
Pure hatred will create.
Sworn duty is only to charge,
In the cradle the enemy scarred!
Thy verdict is their final call,
Injustice out of control!

Shadows of death,
It's destiny's making!
Shadows of death,
Pure force to remain!
Shadows of death,
With sword will obtain!
Shadows of death,
Our blood has value enough!

Shadows of death,
Cheer brutality to dominate!
Shadows of death,
Follow my lead to obey!

It's a thought that will never fail,
Under unjust punishment will prevail.
Firm and sovereign the will,
No step back, victory our seal.
It's a message that will never die,
For another justice will cry!
Thy verdict is their final word,
History will know!
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