I Am The Da Testo

Testo I Am The Da

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
In 1994, they thought they had their man.
A hate crime and someone got stabbed.
In Fullerton, Fear was the band, Nazi skins were out of hand.
The cops had stuck a target on his back.

I am the DA!
I do it my way.
I'll make sure somebody pays.

The case had been well planned, they placed liars on the stand.
The verdict was decided by the shake of a hand.
He spent the best years of his life in a penitentiary.
Locked up for saving somebody else.

In the wrong place again. So pay the price again.
Railroad justice again and again.
For the time that he served, the criminals still run free
While the DA captured the press again

The truth is elusive and careers are at stake
The evidence is disposable and politics takes its place.
And if this type of justice is a shock to you
pay attention on Election Day or the day might you!

I think you're going to pay.
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