A Boy And His Gun Testo

Testo A Boy And His Gun

Yesterday surrendered to temptation
yesterday had no concern
and so much time to lie you were taught to trust
in contradiction trip over truth and fall on little time to act
surprised you're biting whats too big for you to swallow
and shooting bullets loaded with disease
your paint by numbers act is hard to follow
your perfect body falls apart when perfect timing disagrees
like a blind man you can't see reflections of a face disguised
(who's face is it now)
you're living believing a sun that will soon fade away
(your sun will fade soon)
we're always running from your gun
and always ducking when we hear your bullets spray
from the gun that goes bang and boom
and another body hits the ground in front of you
it's just another body falling down because of you
watch them fall like rain blood red
what the hell is going on in your head
when children cry with eyes bone dry
for love now dead and those who've died watch them fall
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