Good Testo

Testo Good

This might be your time to show them
that what they believe is wrong
mediocrity is not a crime and
everything is nothing when it's gone
opinions heard but nothing learned
when nobody cares
a good way to fade away
when nobody's there
along their thin lines of morality must never stray
toward any true identity without their blindfold
there's so much to see and and every day is
one more day of self discovery
within their walls of solid emptiness
must never tell them that you loved
or why you miss the walls you dented with your bloody fist
in secret hopes of breaking through and running far away
this could be the time to tell them
that you've heard this all before
adversity has begun its climb
but you know that you've seen it fall before
a stone throw from what they know to be the truth
just more time to stay behind and follow you
between their thin lines of humanity
must always stay forever blind to what you see
another's axe will fell your strongest tree
another reason to believe in anonymity
behind their doors in rooms of hopelessness
must never tell them that you loved
or why you miss thekey you once held in your empty fist
in secret hopes of breaking out and running faraway
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