What Fire Does Testo

Testo What Fire Does

Let me walk behind you i'll ignore myself
nothing distant in my eyes this close i've never felt before
burn me with your love show me what fire does
ignite the ignition perfection gone permission of nothing
that is wrong accept the conditions without delay
conviction of nothing that i say words are spoken
but remain unsaid another flame to burn what i should say
instead nothing loves when nothing loves it back
theres nothing left of you but ashes piled black
burn me with your love
show me what fire does
apologize for keeping quiet
i drop myself onto your ground
nothing given to me
you never lost the flame
i found inside the fire is where you'll see
outside myself is where i'm blind
you're my new addiction
you're the drug that loves my mind
(burn me up with fire tongue
speaking words and licking blood
love yourself for what you are
forget the girl you left alone
remember me from photographs
remember who you've never known
reflect an image of yourself
discover me from far away
regretful mind thinks hateful thoughts
forgetful mind loves what i say
insist on insistance
intercourse to pass the time
until i'm gone resist persistance of the same
remember me when nothing's wrong
imagine what you won't believe
consider what you don't desire
burn me with your love
and live inside my life of fire
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