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Testo Rumble Fishers

One Direction: Zayn Malik lascia la band
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Guitar sounds, the drums splash
our bowl is hot like a sauna
We've looked around the playgrounds
its sucker fish and pirahnas

Stuck in a tank Lost in Space
Tracks of the train going nowhere
We must repeat repeat after me
we're in a tank going know where

This is a stage poke me with a stick
kick me til i'm dead at least verbally
yer the enemy, yer just inbetween
a living mistake Identity

the tank we swim in gets smaller
and smaller! a school of sharks
all about the dollar size in you up
size in you out ! It's dirty pool
a School No rules we're comin up
lets get em out we're breaking out
From all the fools and threw the ranks

Scarica la suoneria di Rumble Fishers!
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