The Black Eye Testo

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Testo The Black Eye

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Flash blinding eyes, chariots descend
Dark gods coming back to the Earth
Through the black distant eye
Upon the blood-red skies
Their horned crowns glowing, crushing yell of death
Welcome back!!!

[Lead Spider]

Gates are opened, now winds take command
Human skulls under feet
"We came again to claim and reign"
Eyes full of hate, their hands holding fire
Mighty power strikes, thunder lash

[Lead Spider]
[Lead Peter]
[Lead Spider]

Black demon's eye, a portal to the death
Messenger of genocide
The gods are spreading their wings, cover up the skies
Striking in revenge, the beast is out of Hell

[Lead Spider]

Dark, pride majesty marching in
The world of life is kneeling down humbly
The end or new beginning, life or death
The chosen ones awakened, raising to the stars

[Lead Spider]

Portal is opened, once again
Shadows move, the night is falling down so fast
Blast of fire, never ends
Black eye is calling, into the abyss...
Flash blinding eyes, chariots ascend
The gods rising up to the stars
Through the black distant eye upon the dark skies
Their horned crowns glowing, fading yell in the air

[Lead Peter]
[Lead Spider]
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