Borne Extinction Testo

Testo Borne Extinction

The wretched bleed from the earth
They shall smother the sun; to the end give birth

They crawl the skies; life wastes away
The oasis dries
Terra atrophy

Extinguish the stars; the darkness sweeps
The world is still as the spirits weep

The final plague
Sentenced to Earth
Our final days ‒ enter dead world
The sun drips down and melts the sky
The mountains part; soil and flames collide

And through this pain, they watch silently
All life they disdain
Now a memory

Earth ‒
Fall to your knees
The end is a gift to your kind ‒
An end to the suffering

The final plague
Sentenced to Earth
Our final days ‒ enter dead world

Sorrow, suffering
The bodies of the Earth shall scar the land

Flesh burns to ash
Ash lifted by wind

The dead that remain are dissolved by the sea ‒ a blank canvas left by death's masterpiece

And finally she rests
Parasites and disease conquered by death
The bleeding from humanity
Stopped by the wretched guest

The architects of sorrow have exhausted the light
The Earth now cast in shadows of an infinite night

The giver of light now demands it back
The darkness is pulled, crumbles the Earth painted black
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