Mental Crucifixion Testo

Testo Mental Crucifixion

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
This is a lie
Deep asleep ‒ forceful wake
Locked in limbonic state
Still frozen in your false world
Feeling what shouldn't exist
Life beckons a testament
What is reality?

Is it what your mind entities?
Saturated view of charcoal skies

In your dead mind that feels alive
Invisible god ‒ the eater of time
Raping your senses to comply
Forcing a world that doesn't exist
Your mind rooted in the darkened abyss
Only feeling what you don't resist
You're left alone

How can you escape what you are?
Your defenses fall

Solid is this fragile world; losing your grasp
Instructed to feel what your soul shows as truth

Lead- Vance

Pulled apart by vermin limbs
Mentally crucified by this chimera

Lead- Mikey

Your senses ‒ are false to you but you believe
Your vision ‒ is gone but still you think you see
Your body ‒ is paralyzed but still you move
Your thoughts ‒ are focused but you're still removed

And now you're binded to your world
A stitch in your threading that shall unfurl
Wake and you shall see:
Your coma is self-inflicted

A second; eternity
A moment; a lifetime

Hallucinations ‒ a dream that is meant to be
A force-fed reality
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