Time Of Reckoning Testo

Testo Time Of Reckoning

Flames of Hell lick this tower of cards
The Devil's called our bluff on the hand he's dealt

Exodus ‒ awaken to consume
Rip the flesh from us
Tear the core apart

As the weeds slither over our own coffin
Lucifer has arrived

Now risen to collect in pain and suffering
His fire burns with the sins of indulgent wealth
The time of reckoning at hand

Crumbled cities at our feet
With no time left to take a stand
Carnage abound and death replete

Those who survive to tell the stories of their scars
May well continue the road to nothingness

For human nature is to drown out what we wish to forget
And thus we drown ourselves in Satan's caress

Fallen, we will not stand up or band together

Only time will tell if our wounds will heal

The fiend destroys himself time and time again

No memories remain, no peace of mind attained
We turn to God, but he turns away

We turn on our brothers cutting ties and killing hope

We turn inward to see the treacherous, to see the parasite

We turn a blind eye to the sacrifice

Suffering will be our salvation
Death and rebirth are one
And though we perish, at last we vanquish
The scourge that we've become
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