Forged Sufferance Testo

Testo Forged Sufferance

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Fallen warriors silenced by the light, captive spirits yearn for rise. On this day, our shadow is cast upon the groveling herds of sheep. Spells invoke the ancients, entombed, from their untimely demise. Ressurect the ghosts of war, to unleash their breath of hate so cold.

So Fucking Cold.

Alas, we discharge the fury. Unite hands and hearts of stone. Gaze into the eyes of rivals, and burn eternal hate into their souls. Heathen armies surround the holy mass, domination is at hand. Searing omens of vengeful lust, malice in wait the trap was set. Conquer lands of christian foes, souls screaming toward the sky. Impending doom, decimate their savior. In flames your feeble martyr dies.

Your savior has fallen now, unto us. Burning within legions of our pagan eyes. Alas, we discharge the fury. Unite, hands and hearts of stone. Gaze, into the eyes of rivals, and burn eternal hate into their souls.

So the hammer strikes the anvil, forging a weakend lamb to suffer.

Suffer! Suffer!
Forging a lamb to suffer!
At our hands he will Suffer!
Burning your lamb he will Suffer!
Suffer! Suffer!!!
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