Godless We Stand Testo

Testo Godless We Stand

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Endless Seas of contradiction, your world is shit to me. Your words, your lies, your "love", infect the air we breathe. Arms outstretched in proclamation, a proclamation of deceit. Immune one nation under heaven... GODLESS WE STAND! Lashing out claim redemption, our own laws we uphold. Our words, our truth, our lust, fortitude to ravish the unjust. My voice cries out for freedom, freedom from hypocrisy. Immune one nation against heaven... GODLESS WE STAND!
A barrage of power bringing death, our force now unfolds. Nothing can stop this inquisition or the hatred that we hold. So raise your fist in high contempt, free your mind from slavery, and sing this song of battlelust, set your sights on victory! Onslaught has now begun. To waste the holy son. Oppression laid to rest, inhale his dying breath. Fall to me, three spirits of devine, and on your souls we shall dine. Onslaught has now begun, To waste the holy son. Oppression laid to rest, inhale his dying breath. As long as a heart still beats in our chest, or until in battle, our lungs draw their final breath, never to bow, forever we stand GODLESS. Onslaught has now begun, lay waste the holy son.

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