MIA2 Battalion of Hate Testo

Testo MIA2 Battalion of Hate

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Dusk descends and the bombs explode, panic stricken masses, bodies burning in the night. The stench of oil, the taste of sand, skulls and broken bones left buried under tracks. Their veils and rags laid to waste rolling thunder blasting everything in thermal sights. On treads of steel is justiceserved, they once preyed on fear, now they pray for their lives. Roaring armor, blazing guns of rage, a decimating tool, dealing rounds of strife, rendering submission. A crash course of vengeance, iron steeds roll on. Comineer this conquest, heavy barrel leads teh way. Charging throught resistance, iron steeds roll on, pounding rounds of led into your chest, heavy barrel only way. STRIKE!
Your wasteland winds bring tidings of war so run to your holes and prepare for consequences. Introduce you all to our way, casualties of war forever, a maniacal display, enemy lines to spearhead and sever, you elect the way of pain from ballistic endeavor, A2 Battalion of Hate... Tear the souls apart. Pounding rounds of lead into your chest, heavy barrel the only way. A crash course in vengeance Iron steeds roll on. Domineer this conquest, heavy barrel leads the way. Charging through resistance, Iron steeds roll on, pounding rounds of lead into your chest, heavy barrel the only way to live!

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