Beyond The Borders Of The Imagination Testo

Testo Beyond The Borders Of The Imagination

Multi-colored barcodes in all the different shades of grey
Walk with me through this doorway of skulls
Where the angels with cocaine wings play

Count with me to Eleven-Teen
Wearing Velvatine Panties
Drinking watercolors from a wishing well

The spirits of exhile
Are reading the tablets of time

Drink from this ceremonial chalice
And embrace the stone

Where all my pretty playthings are laying naked
Beyond the borders of the imagination

There is no such thing as entertainment
Its all just propaganda

I am addicted to the apokalypse
A prince of powder and pills
Awakening dreams
Where we sleep chasing after dragons

All the familiar spirits
In the ashes of eden
Where the sky has been eaten

The keys to the kingdom are made from skeleton bones

The dead mans teeth look like 88keys
Of a piano woven from human hair

Beyond the borders of your imagination

On a pill headed pilgramage
The distractions of time are many
In this endless dead valley

In multi- dimensional infinity
I am the child your parents told you
You would see
If you ever did drugs

Television is the 1 eyed devil
Spraying the bionic dots of corporate slavery
Into Oblivion

Forever we wear broken halo's
Until the end of time

Beyond the borders of the imagination

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