Mazes Of Purple Roses Testo

Testo Mazes Of Purple Roses

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Wandering in mazes of purple roses
Where the sun is an orange in the mouth of god rolling on xtc
There is no sweeter a daydream
Than to daydream of a beautiful woman
The most precious of jewels
Asleep underneath the moon
That which makes a wiseman feel like a fool
One whose luv is more addictive than any drug
One whose words echo with laughter and maturity
With eyes that tell a silent and sensual tale
That only her lover may ask its ending
With her hair combed like a deer
And the look upon her face like a gypsy
Wrap your legs around me as sweet as carmal and cotten candy
You can be my sweet and pretty plaything
Where sugar babies are made

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