Stratagem Testo

Testo Stratagem

"in those passage ways he passed his days
but believed his passive ways must end
knowing his time would soon run out
he took the role of the desperate man"
breathing silence conscious stripped and bare
i know that what's inside them i also share
for within every coward lies a slave
my prison is the darkness theirs the need to be led
for within every hour lies a day
this land i know these people are my own
all that remains hidden will soon be shown
for beneath every tower lies its grave
a one man army fights an imaginary war
far within myself only i know what for
come now
see how
drop drop down and liquidfy
i'll give the world to you
drop drop down and sanctify
i promise all the truth
i'll give you more than eyes
i'll give you more
i'll give you more than your two eyes
the truth the truth the truth
on their knees blessing light
come with me rule the night
take the chance ride the beast
join the famine or the feast
but they won't hear they just stare
they don't care they wouldn't dare
to beat beat beat beat down their walls
each tower in my sight
each tower in my way
i'll turn these words to swords
spoken tonight

[music: j. Tipton & t. Tipton]
[lyrics: e. Rosvold]
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