The ghosts of dawn Testo

Testo The ghosts of dawn

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
the keeper of the kingdom now has come down so down
to the earth below to a blinding glow
to a sound to a haunting sound
it now can be seen it was man not machine it was man just a man
amazed he survived amazed to hear a sigh
is there someone else here?
Feverish laughter breaks upon their lips
the tortured from the hereafter appear in his midst
they dance whirling around him a sirens song his fate
they begin singing softly
"death comes to those who hate, death comes to those who wait"
"how could you lead us on while you stayed on high
how could you lead us on to stay frozen in time?"
"how could i lead them on to something they'd never find"
why did i lead them on to something that was only in mind?"
and now he fades away

[music: j. Tipton & t. Tipton]
[lyrics: e. Rosvold]
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