24/7 Testo

Testo 24/7

Awwwwww Shit
Whatcha do wrong, show em how ya do it
Awwwwww Shit
Introducing the 24/7, yeah yeah
Step into the new millenium
I'm try'na see a million
Big Willie in the condominium
With the five double o Benzido come get it
And the redbone that come widdit we gon get it all and
Y'all gon see how we get it all legitimate
New York City it be shifty, strictly for thew ones that move quickly
If you wit me then come get me, I be in the cut like what up wit the butta
Shut em down like DT's, smooth on your infantry
Strategically we touch her, and rearrange your frame structure
You need security to mentally and spiritually malnourish
Your style is fragile and underdeveloped like premature infants
You couldn't fathom how I'm havin it

Baggin it push your guns to the sun imagin it
Where your funds put the half in it
Bite your tongues drop the ave in it
Attract ones like a mag-a-net
Ill like Reggie in the baby carriage with the cigar
Don't call me niggar, respect me like Allah
If I ruled the world like Escobar me and my dogs
In the resevoire eatin caviar
For the fuck of it we touchin it
You get nones of it like the covenant
Give it to you in details, three scales to weigh the dope shit
We come wit, 11.99 retail no dumb shit

[Chorus x2]
We about to make you move your feet
24/7 days a week
Make you wanna just reach your peak
Wit the words and the way we speak

Low key like toast be, just in case the world blow
Before you get to know we airmen like Tuskeegee
The way we flow see do a show before we go
On the diggy low, we hit your ho wit the Mo yo
Send your regards, who bend your squads, defend your yards
Enter through the back door like task force
Specifically give you what you ask for like them last four

MC's pass more gas than a fat broad at a buffet
B.I.G. off like Puffay, I been a Bad Boy since the days of Gumby
Skills flow from me freely like diarreah [rasberry sound]
I don't wanna be a playa I been, in the game way before you came
So I'ma be here when you ghost, you ain't suppose to sweat that
We did that so step back and watch em stack like bricks
24/7 where your head at?

[Chorus x2]

We got the Bronx on the mic and the drummer on the beat
All of them together is trick or the treat
So listen up to the way that we creep
Cause I know there's not many
We gon give you what you need

[Chorus 2]