I Need You Testo

Testo I Need You

Hold me in your arms again,
Tell me that you love me,

You promised me you'd never leave,
You said you'd always stay,
I told you that I loved you,
But you let me anyway,

Loving, missing, needing you thought you're far away,
Wrap in your arms again and get me through this day,

How am I supposed to heal?
Shout out in the rain,
All my heart and sole can feel,
Is endless, undying pain,

Loneliness consumes me,
Broken down in tears,
I can't live on without you,
Or face this world of fears,

So take my hand in yours,
And give this one more try,
I'll prove my love is real,
Just please take back goodbye,

You walked out that door,
In a flash you were gone,
It hurts to breathe
Or even think of moving on,

My life is hopeless as I search for a meaning,
You were my life, my passion, my being


You were my angel,
Send from above,
You opened my heart,
And filled it will love,
The memories I carry will set my heart free,
You'll exist in my soul, my spirit, and me