Alive-a-cation Testo

Testo Alive-a-cation

This is a world wide alive a cation
That's right!
Alive a cation!
Sending shouts
Alive a cation
Out to rob one rob one robe one!
Bigga b
Alive a cation!

[Verse 1]
This an alive a cation
Breath in the blessings
Excel all the guessing
Don't leave before the lessons lessen
Believe in your self and not a yeses essence
Stretching the limits of all our dream
while etching your image upon my screen
You love much better in person
Above my head I touch letters in cursive
I drug myself pack the knife
Then I hug my self-back to life
Even though I'm broke as ever
hope this rope between our spirits never sever
Im holding on tight
Singing these golden songs of light
Tonight broadcasting from all locations
This a world wide alive a cation

Alive a cation!
Were sending this one out
Form Tony to Tiana
Love fights back
From tanny to Lucy
Little lips
Yo from Lloyd tobbler to Dian cord
In your rhymes
From Pablo to Mariah
From OD to Sheila
Afternoon focus y'all
This is a world wide alive a cation!

[Verse 2]
This is an alive a cation
Feel free to go nuts
Come battle the robots
Ill handle the no knots
Run until you have to start swimming
Have so much fun that you have to start singing
Don't mind if it sounds karaoke
Carry yourself over the finish line
Don't be afraid of the powers that climb over your mental towers
See its ok to be a silly teen
2Mex is everywhere like the legend of Billie jean
We can't afford to be innocent
Even if you're a hardcore militant
Put away the tazors and the radar
Throw away the lasers and the k car
Hug yourself out of your own salvation
This is a world wide alive a cation

Alive a cation!
From Elvin to Susie Makeeba
Yo !
From tres to nico athes
From sach to Camilla
Alive a cation!
From chilly Willie to baby d
Liquid love
From longevity to swollen sage
Wireless yeah!
Alive a cation!
From key to county stargazer
From James to cam
Natural beauty
Alive a cation!
From Danny to Thalia
It's all love!
And from Alex to pinky
Modern mans hustle
Alive a cation!