Falcon Gentle Testo

Testo Falcon Gentle

[Chorus x2]
2Mex falcon gentle
The outcome is mental
Inner visions of anarchism essential
From inside the mouth of south central
Which side of your soul should I attend to?

[Verse 1]
Die in a rush never painted with a (?) brush
just like you fearing god was my high school crush
misunderstood up at the prom
misunderstood up under a bomb
still they deliver the silver sonnets
shiver and quiver if you really were ever honest
never was never really upon us
forever was cleverly thrust upon us
gray patients I stay ancient
decayed saint ships
a vapor ray trips in the middle of arcade flips
in a way its our art our came well equipped
I'm buying red don't die on your bed know that I am what's said
code of Zion misled
for I am stormberg
now conformist warm words
torn disturbed the laughing sunrise
collapsing lung size
grasping rasping tongue tied
robots can't feel it in here
boy copy imperial theater
[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Lunar solburn balloon into the auburn
crimson maroon the edge is all burned
over done orange
brothers and sisters over the sun
we will find the courage
to reconnect with the umbilical
to see corrected stand at the pinnacle
if you can memorize your own pin code
then you can energize your within soul
my words of hope they tour the scope
of what you think is hardcore dope
the assorted coats
touchable figure heads
im on the payroll of un touchable bigger heads
im 3 secrets
from losing my life but maybe saving yours today
my rights and wrongs are expandable
tonight's my songs are what I'm sending you