4dblang Testo

Testo 4dblang

Maybe it might just be me but,
she looks so fine, she got me sprung
scene hair, dark eyes, and fake extensions
make this White-E want to mention
how you got my eyes entranced and
how you fly so high in seconds
make me wanna try your weapon
shoot shots, bang, bang, like a Wesson

Teach me a lesson, I ride a beat like this
I speak so smooth, make you want to test it
She can groove her body like a slinky
the way she move make a dude stop blinking
Uh, Uh, Oh, Oh, now we leaving
back to my place, I'm a rap star, Shorty
I love the way, you play Nintendo
but we got no time to spend on~

all of these silly little games
we climbin' to the top, and they don't know who to

(Yes, it's so obvious)
and you, can go ahead and crown,
me as the king, 'cause all of these girls sing 4Dbling

I'm so on fire, a cold stone liar!
I might just pop like a firestone tire
take a pretty little chick, show her why I
needa fix her up before I make her my girl
then girl you could be my world
and send my heart to the tilt-o-whirl
and bend my soul, till my toes start to curl
Santa gonna send me coal 'cause I broke you girl
shook you girl, I'm sorry that I'm a player
every single girl in the world know Taylor
I make her so insecure
put on your make up, like yup that fix her
like, yup, like yup take pictures
She's dolled up so it is okay I'm with her
but if she isn't then you prolly won't miss her
'cause I'm so fly I don't really need a chick here

Yes, I'm the dopest in the game
Get you high like cocaine, till you fiendin' for me babe
(Yes it's so obvious)
I'm just the topic of the day, so shorty give me brain
and keep screamin' [4DBLANG]

uh uh oh, don't be like that
(repeat x4)
Just give me all your money, 'cause you can't help

that you love me
I take vista, I take cash and checks, I'm so

progressive i take...
Oh wait don't say that! That's jail time!
I break the law so much I'm like,
\"If you want me here's my wrists sir...
I've never seen that 12 year old before mister\"
I swear it, I'm not sick and
I am harmless like a kitten
Aside from the heroin that's missin'
I think I got everything that I came with

So please don't ever try to change me
As long as I'm livin' free, I will be the only me
(Yes, it's so obvious)
and, if you don't believe in that
I will crush you till you're flat [I put my city on the map]