Get Away Testo

Testo Get Away

Yeah I woke up this morning with my head tilted vertical
starin in the mirror and its lookin kinda circular
brush my hair for a little bit at least
but I know she won't have trouble starin at me
it's a good day say hello to your friend in glass
and if you choose to hit it you don't even gotta to ask
I've been lookin for some way to speak through my soul
Bu the only way to do it has made you my foe
So my heart does bleed for the way that we were
And I'll cut my wrists if you love me fer sure
But each day grows colder than the last one was
So we just gotta move forward with this life that I'm buzzed
Cause withoutta all you guys that flowin your own blood
So if you feel like getting out why wouldn't you wanna flood
Til you're kneelin on on your knees and the blood is pourin out
And you're starin in the mirror wonderin whos starin back out

I'm flippin I'm schizin out
I cant seem to get away
The police officer
Wont even let me play

She aint wanna see me die so I put the needle down
Shes the spiral of colours in my eyelids now
Cause I don't wanna be a fiend for something that wont last
And I don't wanna speed if I gotta speed that fast
So I'm takin time to breath and let it all make sense
The poison still smells sweet enough to make me tense
And if I keep thinking bout it it might break my defense
And then I'll start drinkin out it like I'm back in my trench
And the blood comes out and goes right back in
And then I back up and the clouds all over again
With my lover by my side in this messed up game
And she smells like vinegar for she hits my vein
I give a fuck about the pain just let the potion drain
in my arm til I'm finally feelin happy again
but I think I wonder where all this happiness came from
they think I'm two people but I'm really the same one

I'm don't live for you
Did you hear me?
I don't fuckin breathe for you
I don't fuckin need you
(I fuckin hate you)

(I'm sorry)
I don't fuckin need you
I'm fuckin done with you

Stupid fuckin hoe
Thought I was gonna come back
You aint shit to me
Fuckin dumbass