I Just Wanna Testo

Testo I Just Wanna

"Oh God you're so deep"
"I like deep conversations... "

Look nigga, if you don't love yourself
Ain't nobody gon love you
Your shit ain't right [?] ain't right
Ma ain't gon fuck you
That's what they told me then
So I was like "fuck a bitch"
Bitch I'm a [?]
Oh now she like me, oh now they like me
All I want is a blow job
This bitch wanna be wifey
No 3-course meal, all I want is fast food
I wanna have fun, how about it?

I don't wanna love you
I just wanna unbutton your blouse
And let your girls out
I wanna fuck you
Maybe later on, if you're free
You can come to my house
If you want to
We can get freakier, freakier than
You've ever been, if you want to

Bitches from Belize, [?] all in the weed
Remi crew got me sweating out a remi weave
Fuck a model tonight, my bitch is from the [?]
The [?] she the project pimp tease
Them hood bitches always bring back memories
They all diss the makers like "yayo you remember ME? "
I certainly do, you was hurting on a '62
Hands was free
I promise I don't love em, I don't cuff em
I don't pay a bitch's rent to have the next nigga fuckin
I'm a pimp with principles
Killin with visuals
My diamonds like [?]


[50 Cent:]
I don't want a relationship, I just wanna have fun
In every position, we can come up with til we're done
And my request is to be kickin shit in my ear
We can have a ball, we can do it all
Moonshine light up the sky at nighttime
Any time could be the right time
I'm sort of impulsive, I'm kinda explosive
Take a little at a time in doses
Once you're addicted, I just wanna kick it
You pick the spot, I'll be there with the quickness
Give it to you good, girl I'm sure you gon miss this